JPPB (Jordan and Pete Publish a Book), 2024-02-05

Project Infrastructure

  • use HackMD for synchronous notes
  • use a separate wiki website for the project notes and work

Project Overview

For ourselves or others who might watch this video or see this website later Jordan and Pete are together on February 5 for the first of a series of at least five meetings we are targeting publishing a book that I'm putting together as the first ever trilogy to get published our goal is to do that in the next 30 days or so by meetings and we have committed to the network that will try to document the process and look for some automations along the way to serve some different publishing projects that are moving in parallel circles to come up with a continuously improving publishing process where we can go from writing in markdown and writing collaboratively and markdown often using massive wiki technology and then convert those files all the way through improve and automate a process so we can get more and more valuable and inspiring voices out.

Project Rhythms

Project Timeline

Week One

  • Set up project infrastructure
    • HackMD for note taking
    • Massive Wiki + website on Netlify for
      • project information
      • project notebook
      • project brain
      • project communication to public
      • we publicly represent the project because we want to work out loud at least a little
        • in broadcast mode
        • in push mode
        • Ability to ask people questions etc.
    • Asana for Tasks
    • Lionsberg Mattermost for chat
  • Everything is a Project
    • Every project has a Massive Wiki website
    • You would have standard places you publish
      • Status
      • Profile Info
      • Members
      • so you can present the federation information in a way that other people can automatically integrate it with what they are doing

  • Create a publishing process

    - Ideation

  • Jordan to finish pulling together the text by Monday the 12th...
    • 20k words
    • One File vs. Many Files
      • Longer term - should be transclusion of modular chunks.
        • 3 layers deep
        • Write in subchapter size chunks.
        • Reason - modular content vision
        • automate the creation of chapters
      • Friction - one page to read, subpages to edit
        • can right click header and open in a new pane
  • Milestone: Text passed to editing
  • Editing process or not
    • Developmental editing
    • Copy editing
      • Look at AI
    • Are there any humans who want to preread and suggest / improve / etc.
  • Art process or not
  • Milestone: Text and Art Complete
  • Interatively pushing towards publication the whole time
    • Not waiting until complete
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Deployment
      • Instead of versions of the code that ship - when each dev finishes a task it ships... to make that work you have continuous integration
    • Jordan will set up pages that are the things to be published
      • Those will get pushed to a dev environment (a build that all looking at)
      • Integration - where multiple streams come together and talk and see if they break
      • Testing - pushed to a place where people and automated
      • Staging - live version, should be done, show early customers and beta testers
      • Production - everybody
  • This week -
    • Start setting up the environment
    • J - make sure content is in the right place and Pete knows
    • Pete - will have scripts that build that into the next version
      • Early versions HTML, later may build multiple versions
    • If we can, start dipping into Lulu or KDP
  • decide on Lulu and/or KDP
    • learn more about Lulu and KDP
  • decide how to get ISBN
    • ideally will work for next 5-10 books as well
    • Chris Aldrich? PK to contact
    • Bill Larson? JS to contact
    • Or - Lulu or KDP assign
      • Understand how that changes royalties, mobility etc.
      • Probably want to avoid KDP ISBN so we don't get stuck in one ecosystem
    • Bill and Jordan's hypothesis has been that we want to start a federated publishing company

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Next Steps

- Make sure I have wiki on my computer

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Misc Notes

  • The three to five minute rule
    • Similar to GTD (Getting Things Done, David Allen) Two-Minute Rule, if an action can be completed in two minutes or less, it should be done immediately. This applies even if the task is not urgent or high priority. It doesn't need to take exactly two minutes, it may take three or five.