Scratch Book 1 - The Builder's Path

  1. Set up a new folder entitled The Builder's Path
  2. Populate the folder with 12 chapters
  3. Proof read and adjust
  4. Download the Lulu Template for US Trade 6x9 in Microsoft Word (since Google Template struggled)
  5. Copy and paste one chapter at a time
  6. Adjust header titles # in markdown to Header 2
  7. Insert page break after each chapter
  8. Change bold to bold by manually deleting the ** highlighting the word and clicking cntrl+B
  9. Change sub-headers to Header 3 in template
  10. Noted that word template has different margins for alternate odd and even pages, not sure that Google picked this up
  11. Got faster by using find and replace to replace ** with (nothing)
  12. Added a header with a different first page
  13. Manually added space under each header by hitting enter
  14. Added a copyright page
  15. Copy and paste ISBN from Lulu website
  16. Create PDF
  17. Upload PDF
  18. Discover that margins dip into the bleed zone
  19. Change margins
  20. Change header to be 0.6 from top
  21. Fix all the previous manual spacing from top of pages
  22. Remake the PDF
  23. Reupload the PDF
  24. Design cover using Dall E
  25. Preview Book
  26. Have ChatGPT generate book description
  27. Have ChatGPT generate BISAC codes
  28. Have ChatGPT generate keywords
  29. Set payees (can have multiple with percentages), may need to upload W-9s
  30. Set pricing - $2 target revenue per book gave a $10 US book cost for global distribution (could be less without global distribution)
  31. Print cost for 37 pages is only $2.66
  32. Confirm and publish
  33. Success!
  34. Provides options Lulu Bookstore, Lulu Direct (sell on your site), and Retail Distribution
  35. Global Distribution follows approval of Proof Copy (apparently)
  36. Proof Copy available to order for cost of $2.66
  37. Plus shipping of $5 to $15 depending on speed. I chose $11 expedited to deliver in 8 to 10 days so we could hit first week of March target deadline
  38. Ordered Feb 14, Expected Delivery Feb 21 to Feb 25
  39. Time to wait and see!
  40. Wiki version of book at The Builder's Path - A Decade to Transform the World
  41. Received book February 22nd
  42. Reviewed and looked better than expected
  43. Approved draft for distribution to be able to go through the process, despite having some changes we would otherwise want made
  44. February 22nd, status changed to "Distribution Pending"
  45. February 26, published E-book... to global distribution
  46. Took an hour... was helpful to have all info and files at hand.
  47. Cover image had to be downloaded, cropped, file changed from Print Ready Files

Template Adjustments

  1. Change side margins from .6 to .7
  2. Change top and bottom margins from .6 to .8
  3. Insert box for significance

To Do

  1. Insert various formatting for quotes, significance boxes, quotes at start of chapter, etc.
  2. Pretty footer with page number
  3. Other classically beautifying and timeless touches to add Value?