The Builder's Path

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Title The Builder's Path Subtitle A Decade to Transform the World Contributors Noah Nazareth ISBN 978-1-304-62185-6 Imprint Edition New edition Edition Statement (/ 255) License Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY) Copyright Holder Lionsberg, Inc. Copyright Year

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"The Builder's Path: A Decade to Transform the World" is a visionary tale of overcoming ecological and societal collapse through innovation and human will. Led by Xion, a protagonist inspired by the insights of historical visionaries and prophets, a diverse group of individuals unites to challenge destructive power systems and reimagine, redesign, and rebuild their world. This narrative transcends mere storytelling, proposing a blueprint for global change rooted in justice, regenerativity, and interconnected well-being. "The Builder's Path" is both an inspiration and a call to action, inviting readers to contribute to a world where humanity and the planet thrive together in harmony and right relationship. It is a condensed journey from despair to hope, emphasizing the potential for a better world through our collective and co-creative effort.

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sustainability, regenerativity, justice, vision, new world, co-creation, collaboration, hope, inspiration, innovation, grassroots movement


General/Trade - Adult fiction and nonfiction

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