Chapter One - The Awakening

In the quiet predawn light, where the world seems to hold its breath before the chaos of the day begins, our young builder, Xion, found himself at a crossroads. The air, cool and unyielding, whispered of change, of transformation, of potential. It was in these silent hours that Xion felt most connected to the pulsing heart of the world, to the Central Animating Spirit of those prophets and visionaries who had dared to dream of a better future.

Xion had always been drawn to the builders of worlds, the architects of dreams. In the worn pages of Buckminster Fuller's "Critical Path", the pragmatic wisdom of Eliyahu M. Goldratt's "The Goal," and the timeless wisdom of prophets and kinds like Solomon and Isaiah, Xion had found a resonating truth that echoed the deep yearning within: the yearning to create, to improve, to transcend. The yearning to partner with One to forge the Best Possible Future for All. As page by page went by, he realized that these were not just books; they were a call to arms, a blueprint for revolutionizing not just industries, but the very fabric of life and society itself.

With the weight of the world seemingly on his shoulders, yet feeling surprisingly liftable, Xion contemplated the magnitude of the task ahead. The Eternal and Universal Vision was clear, yet the path was clouded with uncertainty. How does one begin to bridge the vast chasm between the world as it is and the world as it could be? And out of all the ways it could be, how does one grapple with the the Way it Should Be? How does one inspire humanity to awaken, arise, and unite in the face of overwhelming odds?

It was here, in the solitude of dawn, that Xion found the answer not in the grandiose or the complex, but in the simple power of a single unified idea that embraced the Universe in the arms of Omni-Considerate Love. Like the pebble that ripples across the pond, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It was a truth as old as time, echoed in the parables of Jesus, the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., the prophesies of Isaiah, and the pragmatic experiential science of Fuller. Each, in their own way, had understood that the essence of change, of progress, of salvation, lies in the courage to take that first step, to cast the stone, to dream. And above All, to Seek First The Goal.

And so, Xion resolved to cast himself into the waters of chaos, uncertainty, and despair, to create a ripple that would grow into a wave, a rising tsunami of change. The plan, audacious and bold, was to build a unique and unprecedented System — a system for perhaps for the first time, from its inception, designed to liberate all creation from oppression and injustice; a system that would serve not the few, but the many; a system that would not exploit, but empower; a system designed not just for the people there and then, but for all generations of life in all times and all places; a system designed and built, to the very best of humanity's collective ability, to humbly reflect their current best understanding the wisdom and perspective of God, and to get a little better every day.

A System purpose built to accomplish The Goal.

This System would be a magnum opus, a testament to the belief that humanity could transcend its baser instincts and unite in the pursuit of the Highest Overarching and Uniting Goal. It would be a journey fraught with challenges, with failures, with moments of despair. But it would also be a journey of hope, of triumph, and of unparalleled human cooperation, abundance, and joy.

As the first light of dawn crept over the horizon, casting the world in a soft, golden glow, Xion felt a sense of peace, of purpose. This was the moment of awakening, not just for Xion, but for humanity itself. Something deeper was on the move. The road ahead was long, the obstacles many, but the potential for greatness, for unity, for a world reborn in the image of wisdom and justice, was infinite.

It was time to begin.