Chapter Two - Vision of the New World

As the golden hues of dawn gave way to the vibrant blues of day, Xion stood, a solitary figure stood against the vast canvas of the waking world. In the quiet afterglow of his moment of awakening, a vision for the New World began to crystallize, a vision as daring in its scope as it was grounded in the wisdom of ages.

This vision was not born of mere fancy but was a tapestry woven from the threads of humanity's greatest aspirations and the pragmatic science of systemic change. It was not generated, it was disclosed and revealed. Xion saw a world where regenerativity and reciprocal love was not just a goal but the foundation of society, where efficiency was measured not in terms of profit and loss but in the joy and well-being it brought to All Creation. This New World was a place where the greatest collective good transcended individual and local gain, and where the systems that governed and supported life worked for the empowerment of every soul that walked the Earth.

Inspired by the "Critical Path" of Buckminster Fuller, Xion envisioned a global society that utilized the most advanced technologies and design principles not for conquest or subjugation but for liberating humanity from the shackles of artificial scarcity, poverty, injustice, and environmental degradation. It was a world where cities were built in harmony with nature, where energy flowed as freely and cleanly as the rivers, and where every child born was assured not just of survival, but of developing towards the fullness of potential and flourishing.

From Eliyahu M. Goldratt's "The Goal," Xion drew the blueprint for a global socioeconomy that prioritized throughput of integral and comprehensive well-being of All, where the constraints of greed, ignorance, and fear were systematically identified and eradicated. This was an socioeconomy where every action, every resource, every moment was optimized not for accumulating wealth but for enriching lives.

And, deeply rooted in the wisdom of prophets and sages, Xion's vision embraced the highest ideals of truth, justice, compassion, and stewardship. It was a world where Solomon's wisdom guided governance, where Isaiah's vision of peace and harmony was a reality, and where the teachings of Jesus on love and service were the fabric of daily life.

To guide humanity from the Old World to this New World, Xion conceived and received the 10 Year Grand Strategy. It was a plan as audacious as it was precise, and as precise as it was unknown, a roadmap that charted the course from the present, with all its imperfections and challenges, to a future where the potential of humanity was fully realized in service of the potential of All Creation, as one family of God. This strategy was not a rigid doctrine but a living, breathing document that evolved as humanity itself evolved, and as the Path revealed itself, adaptable to the unforeseen yet unwavering in its ultimate aim.

The Grand Strategy was built on four pillars:

  1. Enlightenment and Education: Illuminating the path forward through knowledge, dispelling ignorance with the light of understanding and compassion.
  2. Systemic Efficiency and Sustainability: Reengineering the world's infrastructures, economies, and societies to be in harmony with the natural laws of the universe.
  3. Collective Well-being: Ensuring that every policy, every innovation, every effort is judged by its contribution to the holistic well-being of all humanity.
  4. Global Unity and Cooperation: Fostering a spirit of unity that transcends borders, cultures, and ideologies, binding humanity together in pursuit of a common destiny as one Family of God.

One by one, humanity would be invited through an experiential process to enlighten, inspire, and encourage them to join the epic Quest from the failing patterns of the old world, to the nourishing and regenerating patterns of the New.

As Xion gazed upon the world, with its beauty and its scars, he knew the journey would be fraught with resistance. The forces of inertia, of fear, of greed, were powerful adversaries, backed the spirits that enabled and perpetuated them. But in his heart, Xion held a flame that no darkness could extinguish: the flame of hope and love, and of belief in the boundless potential of the human spirit in partnership with the Creator and All Creation.

It was time to share the vision, to rally the architects of dreams, the builders of worlds, and the nurturers of souls to this grand cause. For Xion knew that while one might dream alone, it was only together that humanity could reimagine, redesign, and rebuild the New World.

And so, with the dawn of a new day, the quest began.